Saturday, January 15,2022

The crazier you dress the better!

Put your BEERFOOT in front of the other in this BREWtiful 5K Fun Run HOPPENING at Beerfoot Brewery on Seawall Blvd on Galveston Island!

The Beerfooter Beach Run is sure to put some pep in your step and beer in your belly! You are invited to join the fun after the race for some devouring warm chili and cold brews.   All runners will receive a participation medal and free libation after the fun run, be sure to purchase a chili tasting ticket to sample chili from the participating cook teams.

WARNING: Crazy outfits and team enthusiasm is EXTREMELY encouraged. People in normal boring clothes will be punished with evil stares and glares for the rest of their lives…(Not really, but c’mon we all need a laugh after 2020!)  Best costume will receive a trophy!

Thank you to our 2021 Beerfooter 5K Fun Run Sponsors