Washers Tournament Returning 2022

1st Trophy
2nd-3rd Medal

$20 per team of two individuals

– 2 people per team
– Limited to 15 teams
– 10:30 Check In
– 11:00 Start
– Played on 2’ X 2’ washer boards w/ one 3” hole
– Each team will have 4 washers to toss per round (provided by Yaga’s)
– 2” zinc coated washers
– Boxes will be placed 20 feet apart
– Double elimination
– First team to 15 wins or whichever team is leading after 10 minutes of play
• Scoring will be accumulative style (all pts count toward final score)
• In results of a tie, next team with highest round score wins
– Players must remain behind box during toss

Box = 1 point
In Cup = 3 points
• No extra points will be given for washers that lean over the edge on board (ONLY BOX AND CUP PTS)
• Washers that get knocked off during round play will not count towards pts. Unless a member is involved in a
washer falling off the board (intentionally or unintentionally)
• Team members are allowed to bounce the washers in attempting to acquire points
• All rounds will be capped at a 10-minute maximum limit EXCEPT the Championship round
• Championship round will be the first team to 15 (no time limit)